Stage 2 of Drought Contingency Plan

September 2, 2021 5:08 am

Dear Water Customer, In June 2021, Harris County Municipal Utility District No. 419/489 (the “District”) implemented Stage 1 of its Drought Contingency Plan (“DCP”). The target for Stage 1 is a 10% water usage reduction through voluntary means. The District would like to thank residents for their participation and efforts. However, water demand has continued to increase despite implementation of Stage 1.

Due to the increased demand on the regional water plants serving the Bridgeland community (measured through run hours on the groundwater wells and equivalent treated surface water demand), the District is implementing Stage 2 of the DCP. The target for Stage 2 is a 20% water use reduction and requires participation from all customers within Bridgeland (residential and commercial). Harris County MUD 418 owns, operates and maintains the regional water plants and key storage infrastructure serving all water customers within the boundaries of the Bridgeland. In this capacity, MUD 418 is coordinating the implementation of Stage 2 with all Bridgeland MUDs in an effort to work together for community success.

Pertinent Stage 2 restrictions are summarized below, while the appendix to this letter contains precise language included in the DCP. The complete DCP can be found on the District websites at /

Customers must limit outdoor water usage to two days a week, between the hours of 8:00 pm and 6:00 am:

  • Even Numbered Addresses: Sunday and Thursday
  • Odd Numbered Addresses: Saturday and Wednesday

Furthermore, typical activities that will be limited include:

  • Landscape watering,
  • Decorative or recreational water usage (fountains, pools, etc.); and
  • Washing vehicles.

Note that WCID 157 and WCID 159 will not be held to irrigation restrictions, as these Districts use non-potable reused water from the lakes to irrigate common areas.

Please be advised, Stage 2 will go into effect Friday, September 3, 2021. Failure to comply may result in surcharges.

When there are changes in the implementation of the Drought Contingency Plan, the District will send out additional notification to its Water Customers. Please reach out to Inframark’s Customer Service department at (281) 579-4500 or Dispatch at (281) 398-8211, if you have any questions or concerns.

Bob Thomas / Greg Henry, President
Board of Directors

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